Know Quick tips of getting home loan approved at Letzbank

Want to buy your dream house but don’t have the savings? No worries at all because the banks are ready to help you get the home you love by offering you a home loan. This everyone knows that the banks are the biggest help but if you’re afraid listening to the rejection stories from the people who applied for the loan thinking it will happen to you too, then you have reached the right place, cause we are sharing you tips that will help you get your home loan approved.


  • Clear your credit score – This is the number one thing to take care of because applying for not just the home loan but any kind of loans. If you have thought that the owed debts are at a different bank, organizations, etc. then that is not the case. The complete history and financial data is shared amongst the institutions. So always make sure your credit scores are fine and it’s better to take a no-dues certificate from them.
  • Have the answers before questioned – Some of the basic but important questions that the lending party would want to know are your monthly income, assets, your credit history, existing loans and your job background. Most of the times the rejection happens here in this step itself, so already getting prepared with these questions will help you be prepared to furnish your details more confidently with the lenders.
  • Be stable – It is very important that the lenders know that you’re stable with the jobs you do. Strictly avoid changing your job during the loan process. They will not be able to trust you with the commitment of paying your EMIs on time and regularly. But if it’s necessary for you to shift your employer during the loan process then make sure your pay is higher than the previous job and you’re not getting into a self-employed job.
  • Be careful with your spending – This is another important thing to keep in mind while applying for a loan. Make sure you don’t get into a bike loan, laptop loans or don’t take a big amount of personal loans before applying for a home loan, because what happens in this case is that already your EMI would be high as the product bought costs high. The home loan EMI depend on your monthly income and the spending you do in the particular month. So be careful of that.

The points given are very important, if you think you could skip any of it and try to still take a chance applying for a home loan, we recommend not to, because another point to keep in mind is that the banks do ask if there has been a rejection of loan previously and take your loan strictly, digging out the history and then the chances of rejection is more. So avoid that stage and approach the lenders fully prepared to get them to accept. Hope you get your dream home soon.


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