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How to Correct a Late repayment record on your Credit Report at Letzbank

Did you know that even a minor delay in repayment of your loan EMI or your credit card bill gets recorded in your credit report and forms the basis of your Credit Score? Therefore you need to take your finances seriously and live a disciplined life in terms of your finances.  If you have ever owned a credit card then you would know that your credit card limit is automatically enhanced if you make you payments in time however, if you fail to make the credit card repayment in time it can lead you into a debt trap which would ultimately lead to a poor credit report. Once you credit report is poor your credit score will automatically be poor, now the question arises how to set straight your credit report – here’s the answer.

Every banking or financial institution that lends money to people check their credit score and credit report before they lend the loan or offer credit card to the borrower in order to ensure that the borrower is a financially responsible citizen and will make the loan repayment in time. Any fishy thing found in the credit report or a low credit score would ultimately lead to rejection of your loan application or your credit card application. The banks or the financial institutions either ascertain the credit score or the track record of the borrower themselves or hire an agency to check the credit score and credit report of the borrow. The three credit bureaus in the country are Experian, CIBIL and Equifax.  You can also check your own credit report or credit score for Free from Experian at Letzbank portal.

So what would you do if you find that there is a late repayment recorded in your credit report? It is not a cake walk to strike off a late repayment record from your credit history and it is hard to convince your lender to ignore a mistake that you have made, therefore this is what you need to do to strike off a bad remark on your credit image:


  • Firstly you need to get a copy of your credit report. Once you received the copy of your credit report, you must check it thoroughly for any error or inaccurate information mentioned in the report including late repayment.
  • If there is a default since you forgot the date the due date you can request your lender to strike off on a goodwill basis – such arrangement is also known as “Goodwill Adjustment”. However, yourlender can only consider your excuse and make an adjustment if you have a good repayment history and have barely ever defaulted. It is solely for the lender to decide if he wishes to strike off your late repayment or not.
  • There can be cases where the lenders may require some kind of assurance from you part before he strikes off your late repayment record. They may often request you to sign up for auto-debit towards payment, so you do not default again.
  • You can also request your lender to remove the late repayment remark by agreeingto pay the outstanding amount either partially or fully.


You can also get in touch with an agency like Experian and they will be able to help you strike off your late re-payment record. Keeping a track of your credit report and making payments in time are two very genuine and doable ways so that you do not land yourself into the trouble in the first place. Check your Credit Report and Credit Score for Free from Experian at Letzbank!